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Scott's Photo Gallery, Part I: Nature/Rural

After slaving over this for longer than I care to admit, I've finally finished gathering up my best digital photos. I've ended up with about 5,500 photos in iPhoto, most of them taken since 2004 when I got my digital camera. Out of those, I flagged 350 favorites and then chose the best 150 from that. I color corrected, cropped, and touched them all up (using iPhoto's nice nondestructive editor) and added names, descriptions, dates, and even GPS map locations. For some photos I added a short essay, and a few from Utah have quotes from Edward Abbey. Then finally I got familiarized with Flickr and uploaded them there. With this blog and a Flickr account, I've made the leap from my old static web site to Web 2.0!

This is the first of three batches of photos I'll be uploading, in three loose categories: Nature/Rural, City, and Food.

The Nature/Rural category includes:
  • Utah desert
  • the orangy glow of Bryce Canyon
  • rural scenes around Ohio and the University of Illinois
  • leafy green trees and calm water
  • some frigid mountain backcountry in Colorado
Later, I'll post my photos of cities and night scenes, and then finally a few photos of food!

For those new to Flickr, photos are organized into "sets" (basically albums). All of them also appear in a "photostream," which is a reverse chronological list of everything I've uploaded, newest first.

There are a couple ways to browse Flickr photos:

* Start with the detail page for the first photo and browse from there. Go to the next photo by clicking under the name of the set at the right. This is best if you want to read or add comments. However, you only get medium-smallish versions of the photos. You have to click "All Sizes" above each and every photo to see a large version, and wait for it to load. Much inferior to Picasa!

* Or view the full-screen slideshow (embedded below). This shows off the photos the best, though the full-screen aspect is a little jarring at first. I say just hit the pause button (lower left) and navigate at your own pace. Also, there's a secret to this: click the right edge of the screen to go to the next photo, and this will also make all the clutter on screen eventually disappear. Option links at the upper right let you toggle the title and description (some photos have short essays or quotes).

You can also scroll through all the photos condensed onto a few pages by browsing the photostream. This is good for a quick overview, but not good for looking at each photo. The first page will have medium sized versions, but each page after that uses a small size (confusing)! The photostream is mostly good if you want to subscribe to any new photos I upload.

So anyway, enjoy the photos!

Click a link above, or use the embedded slideshow below. (Make it full screen with the button at the lower right. To browse at your own speed, pause it and hit the right edge of the photos to advance.)

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Alison said...

It was time well spent. Great job!