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Juggling in the Circleville Pumpkin Festival

Every year the Jest Jugglers (MySpace, head down to Circleville south of Columbus to join the parade for the Pumpkin Festival. My skills probably barely register as entertainment-level, but it's lots of fun to be there with the rest of the folks.

Above: crowds gather in amazement at my three-ball cascade.

The Columbus Jest Jugglers warming up before the parade. Featuring: Evan, Jesse, Wes, Lamar, Tony, Nick, Liz, Owen, Ginny, Lynn, and Tom (above, or YouTube link).

Barely controlled chaos of jugglers in the parade (YouTube link).

Lynn's-eye view of parade, Wes doing three-club tricks, Jesse getting up on the six-foot unicycle, Lamar juggling five balls, Owen orbiting on his unicycle, Evan passing out balloons (YouTube link).

The jugglers pass by as we near the end of the parade (YouTube link).

The crew, back row: Tom, Lynn, Tony, Liz, Nick, Lamar, Evan, Jesse. Front row: me, Wes, Owen, and Ginny.

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