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Joined a band

I've been playing piano in a band since last spring! We're called Vox Voronet. (We got the name "Voronet" from an ancient monastery in Romania.) Our singer and guitarist, Andy, I've known since we were in elementary school and he was so far ahead in reading he was in a reading group by himself. Chris plays bass and synth and Matt plays drums, and both are excellent musicians from Youngstown.

We play all original music and each make up our own parts. On the weekends we converge on Andy's living room outside Garrettsville and generally make an organized ruckus. In between there's a lot of practicing and composing and recording to do, and working on promotional materials, and emailing and networking to get in the door and play shows across northeast Ohio, Pittsburgh, and soon, Columbus. Being in a band is amazing but a lot of work!

We're really rockin' if you can make it to one of our shows! Our online recordings don't do it justice. There's nothing like live music (and even better when you get to play it!!)

Vox Voronet:
To join our mailing list to find out about upcoming shows, go to our MySpace page and scroll down on the right.

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